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I don’t care what anyone says, this was the best moment on TV ever.

this is the greatest thing i’ve ever seen

i’m actually disappointed in american television “standards” this only fuels my disdain for the cable networks as a whole. a majority of reality tv shows currently on the air have a singular communication objective: to generate profit. so when i see these two white dudes, i don’t snicker, judge or shudder by their comments and overall demeanor. Instead I find myself motivated to produce something significant, noteworthy and meaningful; that fosters creativity. I probably won’t make any money- but i will retain my honor and artistic integrity  

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Sherlock: The Empty Hearse Behind the Scenes:
What are We Looking At?

That’s Phoebe Arnstein, the clapper loader; Steve Lawes, the director of photography; and Jeremy Lovering, the director on the right. (x)

Steve’s holding a rig with two Canon 5D DSLR cameras attached. They filmed the tube scene simultaneously with both cameras rolling and merged the two images.

What we did use on The Empty Hearse was two cameras together in a kind of stereo converged configuration. So a lot of the stuff where he’s in his mind palace or on the tube and you see him come in and go out go back and come in, that’s a new thing we discovered on series three. The original idea of Sherlock’s point of view was always based on taking stills. I came up with the idea and Paul [McGuigan] wanted— on series one we agonized about how we would show the world differently from Sherlock’s perspective. One of the things we talked about was basically shooting the scene twice in two different styles which is a great idea but it’s kind of unfeasible in terms of production because you need twice as much time and also it’s really weird to think about how you’d do it compared to how you just shot it. We were brainstorming about ideas and I had this idea of — I’d done it in a series once before where we’d taken a series of stills from a big wide shot into somebody’s eye and then morphed them together. Basically the guy was injecting drugs and it was the idea of right at that point when he was getting high that it’s going into his pupil dilating. I was talking about this to Paul and even though he’s a very visual director he can’t understand anything unless he sees it. I remember going home with my iPhone and taking a series of stills in my front room up to my wife’s face and then compiling the little video and putting it on my phone and then taking it to work the next day which is the Sherlock vision that you know and love now and see. I’m showing him this shot and him going “yes, I really like that.” It was that idea that you start here and you go into something that you do it as a series of stills. We did that on series one which they kind of continued on series two for series three… I think it comes out of the fact that with another director they don’t necessarily understand what you’ve done before, I mean you talk to them about the idea of stills a) I’m not completely sure if they understand it but b) they want to do something different you know because it’s season three and Jeremy [Lovering] is first director and he wants to do something different. So we came up with the idea of the two 5Ds [Canon cameras] together. It was the idea that if you set a point of convergence and you have something moving at some point you’ll get these two images and they’ll come together and they’ll go apart again. It was mainly a continuation of his mind palace— just trying to visually create something different to express what goes on in Sherlock’s head. -Steve Lawes (x)

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icloud was hacked, this may or not be a list of compromised accounts. this lisr has been redacted so that tabloids and other large-type assholes wont’ be able to inquire/encourage said actions. If your account is listed, i strongly suggest you review your security protocol ASAP.

This is not really a public service announcement, but it kinda is

maybe because i’ve been working all night

but it feels like there’s been significant tectonic movement (under my apartment building that is)