All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone- because ART is a verb. My name is Gavin, and I currently live in Oakland. In 1982, I wrote a poem, fell in love with sculpture and learned BASIC programming. I embraced artistry, integrity and technology. I enjoy teaching, but I don't do it enough.

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commuting never used to be this fun
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都市迷彩 by 脱殻

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A demand by a group called “The Counterforce,” which struck up some weirdly over-the-top anger by protesting at Digg creator and Google Ventures employee Kevin Rose’s house, referencing an (admittedly in poor taste) misogynistic joke Rose made in a podcast six years ago, and calling him a “parasite.” Wow. (via shortformblog)

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The state of California is suing San Francisco over the waterfront height limit that Bay Area residents voted into law back in June, arguing that the ballot measure usurps state power.
If California finds that measure offensive, wait ‘til San Francisco gets a crack at a ballot proposal to break up the whole damned state. A proposal to divide California into six new states could appear on the November 2016 ballot, courtesy of venture capitalist and self-proclaimed “Riskmaster” Timothy Draper.
According to Six Californias, the proposal has already garnered 1.3 million signatures, the first batch of which Draper submitted to election officials yesterday. If Draper has collected as many signatures as he says he has—and for the millions he’s spent on the effort, it had better be true—then this Six Flags Over California scheme will go before voters the year after next.
Six Californias, One Super City-State - CityLab

It’s official. We’ve found a crazier idea to come out of the Bay Area than this one.
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Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

This can save lives

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